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Hi, I had a 1TB hard drive with windows 7 installed, I got a new SSD drive and installed windows 8.1 in it, and formated the 1TB hard drive to delete the Windows I have my windows 8 running in the SSD but I can't see the 1TB drive in My Computer, I need to use that for my games, help plz
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  1. Is it showing in drive management in your control panel?
  2. Right click on the start button and go to disk management. See if your 1TB drive is present. If so, create a new partition as necessary.
  3. I couldn't see it there either
  4. This may seem silly, but make sure the cabling is connected securely between the drive and motherboard. If it is, try it in a different SATA slot.
  5. I didn't right click the start button yet, my last reply was to the guy who asked if I checked in control panel, and I couldn't see from there in the device management... But I will try right clicking start button and check disk management tonight, I am at work now so can't do it right now
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    I said drive management, but should have said disk management. You don't want the device manager - if you open Windows explorer, right-click on "Computer" and select "Manage". That will open up your Computer Management menu. On the left, you'll see a heading labelled "Storage" and under that "Disk Management". Left-click on that and it will show you what drives are hooked up and available for management. Your HDD should be there but without a drive letter assigned. You can assign it a drive letter as well as setting up partitions, etc.
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