Best intel or amd based gaming pc for $1500

I would like to build a gaming pc but I am pressed between building an amd or intel based desktop. I'm not sure whether to use an nvidia or amd graphics card. Please specify what processors and graphics cards specifically in this build. I want some input as to what others have and what I should build on my budget. Links are very much appreciated. Please feel free to tell me if you prefer amd or intel processors for your builds.
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    this is actually my personal build, and i love it and i highly suggest this build.
  2. both intel and amd make good cpu
  3. Only include a nice sized 1080p monitor with that price
  4. I was actually thinking about something along those lines but with amd Radeon graphics instead
  5. Thank you guys for all the answers this really helped a lot.
  6. i just build for you a pc that have amd gpu
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