installing bios and os

My previous spec was
h61 m k mobo ........and i had my bios and os installed on my hdd...
One day my psu stopped working so i decided to upgrade my system to i5 a new psu and a new mobo.....
Now can i store new bios and os in my previous hdd ???? old bios and os are still in the how can i install the new bios and os ???
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    The BIOS is on the motherboard. You don't 'install it'.

    The OS will almost certainly need to be reinstalled with the new hardware.
  2. The BIOS is on your motherboard, so is unaffected by your changing your OS and/or HDD. Before you connect your HDD (disconnect it if it's already connected), boot to BIOS and set your boot priority to your optical drive (ODD) or USB (whichever you're going to use to install Windows) then save, exit, and power down. Then connect your ODD or USB and HDD and power back up. It should boot to the Windows installation menu.

    Make sure you have your Windows activation key written down and available before you do this, as a clean install will overwrite anything currently on the drive. If you use a USB, plug it into a USB 2.0 port, not a 3.0.
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