Internet wont work on my desktop even though wifi is working

My new desktop that I purchased about a month ago won't run internet or any application that uses it. The wifi itself is fine as all my other devices work with it and my desktop display tells me I'm connected. Prior to this happening I opened the pc and fiddled around with it while checking the cpu. Could I have broken something. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Also can go into internet but it doesn't work or is extremely slow
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    I don't know what the issue is but you should first try to connect your computer using an ethernet cable to ensure that there is not a problem with your computer. If it works with an ethernet cable connected, then you could have an issue with the wireless adapter in your computer.

    Alternatively, you should check your router settings by typing in the IP address of the router in to the address bar on a laptop or computer with working internet. When logged in, you should check the wireless channel that is being used and ensure that it is compatible with your computers wireless adapter.
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