Looking for SSD (128GB)

Hey there forum!

Has the title states, i'm looking to buy a "small" SSD, any advices?

Kinda Off-topic: Oh, one more thing, i currently use Win 7, would you guys advice upgrading to 8.1?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. samsung ssd 850 pro
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    Go with the Samsung Pro 850 MZ-7KE128BW you can find it around $120 and it had the latest in tech with a 10 year warranty.

    As for Win 8.1, I am one of those people that have been using it since the first RC beta builds, so I would say yes do it. You just have to like change.

    For me it was very easy and now I am getting ready for Win 9 Beta RC Build that I will be creating shortly.
  3. Thanks to bought for the swift answer!
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