hard drive detected in bios after boot then cannot be detected by windows installer after


i have 1 tb seagate internal hhd.
i am using it for about a year, i bought this from a guy selling RMA'ed hard drive.

one day i tried to turn on my pc then suddenly it goes to start up repair. i thought system restoring it will fix the problem but then it did not. Ive tried to boot it up again then i cannot boot it up anymore,

i used another pc to see if the drive is detectable, i saw it and tried to format it but it is saying I/O error.

after a few restarts the drive became unreadable and unformattable and cmd is saying that the drive is in RAW format.
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  1. continuation:

    ......after a few restarts the drive became unreadable and unformattable and cmd is saying that the drive is in RAW format and when i format it using the cmd it is saying I/O error.

    after which i tried to access the drive via ubuntu live, it detects the drive in gdparted but it cannot format it still saying it is I/O error again

    being desperate, i tried to format the whole disk with a windows installer via bootable flash drive install but the installer itself cannot detect the drive.

    i tried to look the hard drive in the BIOS and i can only see it when i shutdown and go to BIOS, if is use restart, the drive cannot be seen anymore leaving only the flash drive to boot up, when i remove the flash drive and try to restart then boot, the screen sez that it needs a bootable drive.

    please help, i need to know if it is already toast or not, i dont care about the files anymore since i can reinstall the games (do not have personal files there).

    help needed:
    -how to test if it is already toasted or not.
    -how can i fix it.

    thanks in advance
  2. Try Seatools -

    But it sounds to me your drive is dead.
  3. is there a way to fix this?

    the warranty is already void so i want to do-it-yourself thing
  4. You can take is to a data recovery specialist and pay big $$$$$$$$$
  5. i know, my friend has to pay about $350 for his external drive, LOL.

    i dont care about the data anymore though, i just need it to be useable again
  6. i am about to upgrade to ssd os and hdd strorage this christmas. but still if there will be a way for me to be able to use the HD again, i will, well then, i will try first your suggestion and will update you later
  7. You can't repair them. Costs more than buying a new one. Way more.
  8. Best answer
    Agree with i7. Your drive seems to have passed out. Go for pro help only if you have EXTREMELY IMPORTANT DATA there, which you don't. Repairing drives is way more expensive than buying the new one, and considering you just had games on it, I don't recommend repairing it.

    You can try some of these: But honestly none of them will work IMO, you can get try these non-hardcore technical options:

    The best bet would be to get it checked (not recovered) by a pro to see if it has any life left.
  9. They'll use Seatools
  10. thanks for your inputs, really i appreciate it, will update this thread if i have result later.
  11. @MeteorsRaining may i ask, what would a pro do with this? thats what i will do.
  12. They'll use Seatools or try out with a different controller board (highly unlikely besides being expensive too). If recovery was your concern, we could've told you to try Recuva, but that's not for bringing a dead HDD back to life.
  13. You said "i dont care about the data anymore though, i just need it to be useable again" so just buy a new one!!!
  14. I agree with most of the answers posted above. Using data recovery software to recover data from a HDD with errors almost always works ONLY if the problem is that the data on the HDD is corrupted in some small way, allowing almost all of it to be read if done carefully. BUT that is NOT the symptom you describe. Your system tells you "I/O Error" and cannot read anything from the drive. Almost always that "I/O Error" message means that there is a HARDWARE problem so that the HDD controller on the mobo can't even communicate properly with the drive. This could be an electronic flaw in the circuit board on the HDD, a failed disk spinning motor, a failed head movement system, a failed read/write head, or MANY other things.

    For such problems there is almost never any repair that a home user can do. If you have really valuable data on the unit, a professional HDD recovery and repair shop MIGHT be able to disassemble it, find the problem, and repair. For this they would charge you SEVERAL THOUSAND DOLLARS! You definitely do not need that - you have no valuable data on it. And you can buy a brand new one for much less.

    In fact, it appears your only reason for pursuing this is that you want to fix this unit for FREE and keep using it. As I and other have said, you can't. And even if you could, what confidence would you have in putting your valuable data on it for safe storage? I would say, NONE!

    IF, just for the sake of curiosity, you want to try to find more detail on exactly what has failed, download from the Seagate site their HHD diagnostic utility package, Seatools. It is specifically designed to work on Seagate products. Install the "for Windows" version on your C: drive and run it from there to diagnose the failed HDD. Its error info MAY give you more information. I fully expect the final answer still will be: there is nothing you can do to make this drive work properly.
  15. Hello all, so i try to run the seatools but the application still does not detect the drive. :(

    i tried also using recuva to retrieve my saves in my games but it does not still detect the drive

    i gave up and now imma try to dissect the drive out of curiosity.. thanks again for your inputs! i really appreciate it.
  16. All the best! :)
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