Is the MSI R7 265 2GB GDDR5 OC good enough for 1080p gaming?

Hey Guys!

I am wondering if the MSI R7 265 OC is a good "budget" GPU card for 1080p gaming. I am looking to play games like Skyrim, Warface, BF4, BF3, and Operation Flashpoint on ultra settings without AA or MSAA (anti-aliasing apparently reduces your FPS by 10 frames or something).

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    It will get the job done in most of those games; although, you'll probably have to tune settings other than AA down a bit. It is a good value in that price-range. That said, a R9 280 would get you closer to "ultra", and 60FPS, if you can swing it. You bump up to a R9 280X or GTX 770 if you want to be even more future proof.

    FYI, AA is one of the biggest impacts on your FPS. It improves the look of the game by smoothing out the jagged edges around objects/between pixels. It's usually the first thing I turn down if I'm not averaging 60 FPS in a game.
  2. Thanks for the response! I'll either go for the MSI 265 OC or the non-X XFX 270.
  3. np, here's a good comparison of those (and other) GPUs in those games at 1080p. Note that most include "AA" turned on.
  4. One final note, be sure you have the required power and PCI-Express power cables from your PSU, and room in your case for whatever you end up choosing.
  5. I am using PCPartPicker to ensure compatability. I am getting a LEPA N500-SA (the black and red version) Btw.
  6. A few people said that the OC version of a 265 is equivalent to an R9 270.
  7. yeah, pretty close. Good luck!
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