Terrible squeaking noise coming from my computer after installing a geforce gtx 750 ti windforce

My computer has all of a sudden making a squeaking noise coming from the tower, i had only recently bought the computer from a internet cafe, the only problem was it was really dusty and the graphics card would overheat 3 mins into a game, so i bought a new Gigabyte Gtx 750 ti, and my ocmputer has a 500w power supply, more than needed, and the card works fine, its just ever since i cleaned it and installed the new card its been making a squeaking noise.
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  1. What sort of squeaking noise? Can you try to pinpoint where it's coming from? Have you tried checking to see if your fans on your new 750 Ti are properly installed?
  2. hmm under further investigation i think it may just be some of the dust i cleaned got into a crevise inn the fan, ill post after further cleaning
  3. after cleaning my computer the squeaking noise has greatly reduced, it was acutally gross the amount of dirt came out the second time, it even boosted my startup to browser time, thanks for your help :)..
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    Another good way to boost your overall system performance would be to install an SSD. You can get a 120GB Crucial M500 drive off of Newegg or Amazon for around $60-$70 (which is a great price). SSDs will speed up your boot sequence (that means shorter Windows logo screen and it doesn't take nearly as long for programs such as Skype or Steam to load up at start) and will greatly augment your system's responsiveness. (no more X program has stopped responding because you're unable to multi-task) Besides the M500 the Samsung 840 EVO is another great SSD that I recommend but it's currently sitting at the $80-$90 range so I would get the M500 because it's cheaper and has similar performance. Happy gaming!
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