BIOS resets EVERY time I unplug power cord

Asus Maximus IV Extreme Z
i5 2500k
Enermax 1250w PSU.

Hi guys,

I have a problem and no one can help me from tech support so I'm calling on the gurus of TH.

So, each time I switch off the PSU or unplug the power cord from the wall my motherboard boots up to a black screen where it says like 6 USB hubs, 2 hard drives, etc etc. The message at the bottom is bios recovery, press F1 to enter setup. This comes on EVERY time I disconnect the power but NEVER otherwise.

Things I've done:

Replaced mobo battery.
Replaced both bios chips (because of an f-up). :(
Tried different power supply.
Tried different mouse and keyboard.
Disconnected EVERYTHING but one GPU and one stick of ram.
Removed the motherboard from the case (told there might be static by Asus).

At the moment there are no hard drives connected as this problem will not go away so I just have a USB stick. Also the trials above I have attempted some multiple times.

Any ideas fellas?
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  1. Well, mi first was that you need to replace the battery, but you already did that. Recovery kicks in when you have a failure. I guess your mobo has some seriuos issues.
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    Have you tried replacing the battery a second time? Yes this seems odd but it is possible the new battery is bad.
  3. Oh my f$&+%#+ goodness. I have gone through absolute hell for days all because of a bs battery from RadioShack. I am beyond thrilled this finally worked but seriously, I go to RadioShack, buy a brand new friggin battery and am positive that I can rule it out but turns out to be bad. What a rip. I will give them hell tomorrow. Eben though its not their fault.
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