Western Digital HD color differences?

I need some internal harddrives for a RAID 1 system, and I don't know which HD to buy. I'm looking at WD drives, because of their reviews (and my experience with their external drives). I've watched a video that notes the differences of some of their HD colors, but not all of them.

My use for these drives would be for redundant data storage, including prcessed videos/photos, some music, documents, etc. I'm trying to build the quietest PC I can, which I've read the WD Green drives are best for. But I've also read the Red drives are best for RAID, so I'm a bit confused.

For the uses I have for my RAID 1 drives, does the color make a difference? They have Green, Blue, Black, Red, and now Purple? My RAID drives won't be accessed a lot, mostly for exporting edited/rendered files, and general storage (I also have multiple external drives for extra storage).

I'm trying to save some moneu whre I can on this build, so if I can get away with a cheaper drive for a RAID 1 system, I'll use it. But if a cheaper drive means noticeable performance difference or major warranty differences, I'll go with a higher-cost HD.

If anyone has experience with these different drives and their performance, please let me know.

Thank you.
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  1. Check here for the colour comparison

    Personally, i use BLUE on my NAS since they are cheap and got solid performance. If ur data is mission critical then i would suggest to go for RED and u have to pay premium for it.
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    Hey there, bobjackson!

    The colors are there to make it easier for the end users to distinguish the HDDs and their usage.
    Here's the link @ttcboy added as well:
    You can see the short descriptions and which drive is used for what.
    Back to your question though:
    Since you want to build a RAID 1 (mirror), I'd guess you want a reliable array where your data will be safe.
    WD Red drives are recommended for RAID configurations because of their TLER (Time Limited Error Recovery) feature.
    TLER-capable hard drives improve up-time and reduce HDD error recovery fallout by limiting the time the drive spends in error recovery and allowing RAID adapters to properly perform. Reds also have the Intellipower technology (like WD Greens) that reduces power consumption and it also lowers operating temperature.

    Without the TLER feature the hard drive may be dropped from the RAID array, thereby resulting in RAID recovery, replacement and rebuild. Unfortunately, if you use any different WD drives (like Green, Black or Blue) in a RAID configuration it will void their warranty.

    As for WD Reds, they come with a 3-year warranty and have 24/7 premium support.
    So my recommendation would be to go with WD Reds:
    Better safe than sorry. :)

    Hope this answers your questions.
    If you need more assistance, let me know.

  3. Thanks SuperSoph, I didn't know about the warranty issue with the WD drives. I will go with 2 Red WD drives within the next couple weeks. If I'm lucky something will go on sale in that time.

    Thanks again.
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