Windows changed drive letter, installed new folders and now i can´t find old folders!


Let's see if i can explain my problem right and see if any of you can help me:

I have two hard drives and the following partitions:

My problem is that when i installed windows 7 on Disk 0 partition C:, the former partition I: from disk 1 turned into partition H: and that partition ( H: ), i don't know why, has a copy of the folders of the system installed on C:.
Another thing, all the folders i had there (former I: now H: ) are gone and the current folders use only 15Gb, but it says that only 5Gb of the 48Gb are free. I have the can see hidden files option turned on.

Is this explained right? Hope so!

Can anyone help me understand what happened?

I tried already Recuva and other undelete programs and nothing was found.

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  1. An update, when i deleted some of the folders on that H: drive (about 5Gb) it did not change the amount of Gb used or free on the drive!
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