Can I run a Radeon 7850 with my 450w PSU?

I'm thinking about buying a Radeon 7850. Currently I'm running a 6770 1gb gpu with an AMD FX 4130 3.8ghz CPU, 8gb of ram. I will eventually upgrade my CPU along with buying a new PSU simultaneously.

My PSU +3.3V@28.0A, +5V@34.0A, +12V@21.0A, -5V@0.5A, -12V@0.8A, +5Vsb@2.0A 450W
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    your psu would require 1 -6 pin pci-e lead for the card

    you really need at the low end a 500w with 24 Amps or greater i'll ,look it up

    Minimum System Power requirement (W)

    whats sad is I go to amd for this on there card and its nowhere to be found on there own site for there own product
  3. I know AMD said it should be at 500w minimum. But I know of a few people who have gotten their GPU's to work perfectly on lower wattage PSU's than what was said to be required from AMD. This is due to weak PSU's under 500w. But my 450w PSU may be strong enough. I need to know if my PSU is capable of running the 7850. If not then I'll just buy a lone 750w PSU, and wait a longer time to upgrade the CPU & GPU. I'm on a budget right now.
  4. well it may ru it ,but if it running at low amps it can cause overheating of parts on the psu or the card

    have you ever hooked something to a outlet in the house that pull more that the outlet can supply?? you will find the plug gets hot and if it stays running it may melt or short same thing can happen with this

    as in the card needs the 25a and 150w your psu is just barely making it with 21a and straining to supply the 75w from the pci-e lead at load and starts to overheat things witch may lead to a failure [opinion]

    75w from the pci-e slot and 75w from the psu 6 pin pci-e lead = 150w for the card
  5. Thanks! I decided I'm settle for the Radeon 7770 as it draws less power than even my Radeon 6770 so it shouldn't cause any problems. When I can save up for some more money among college expenses I will try to upgrade everything.
  6. my buddy ran that 7770 seemed to do good for what it is
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