Is a Asus geforce gtx 750 ti Oc 2gb gpu is the best gpu for 1366*768 resolution?

Hii... friends.... I am planning to buy a GPU.... The resolution of my monitor is 1366*768.. So I planning to buy a asus geforce gtx 750 ti Oc 2gb gpu.... I want to play games like crysis 3, battlefield 4, watch dogs, call of duty ghost ets. on ultra setting is this GPU can do that with a good Frame rate.....My budget is around 215$..... And is this GPU good for future gaming in that resolution?
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  1. For that resolution, the 750 Ti is just what you need! Anything higher would be overkill for gaming at 720p. As for future gaming, this GPU was released at the end of an era, being the 1080p era. All the higher cards are engineered to support 1440p and higher resolutions. For a 720p high-end gaming experience, the 750 Ti certainly fits the bill!

    Hope I helped!
  2. Is there are any other better options for this price range?
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    Well, in the same price range, no. But for a little more, the AMD Radeon R9 270X absolutely trumps the GTX 750 Ti. Maybe even an R9 270 (Non-X) will outperform it by a bit, but for 720p, those cards are overkill. You should be fine for now!

    EDIT: the R9 270X actually still fits your budget, and I would pick it over the 750 Ti any day! Happy gaming!

    Hope I helped!
  4. Thank you for your answer.....
  5. This might be a little late, but i rock the gtx 750 oc 1gb and i would highly recommend it. it uses next to no power and will fit in any computer, this card is tiny and has an amazing fan that keeps it running at about 55 degrees Celsius while playing battlefield 4 on ultra 1080p. also the card is about $130 and super easy to install
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