How would I make a dual boot, dual hard drive, pretty loader?

Hello, all. I have a question that I feel that I need to ask personally rather than scan the web this time for as I feel my subject is rather too... nitpicky.

What I want to do is have 2 OS. One being my primary Win 7, the other being Ubuntu or some form of Linux (Tho you should let me know the best choice for starting Linux)

I currently have 3 HDD's. 2 of witch will be OS, the third being Data Storage.

How could I make it as so that when my PC boots up, it has a pretty loader, and by pretty loader, I mean a none B/W text version guided by arrows to select witch portion I would like to boot from. I've seen it as where on a Macbook, the user was able to choose witch OS he wanted to boot, but in a modern, stylish look. Something like so:

Would this only be possible in a certain OS or could this be possible with the OS I have currently?
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  1. You're showing windows boot manager. Don't you like it?


    You can add what you want
  2. But my main OS is windows 7, 8 is not currently involved, will this still work?
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    I've also seen this recommended -
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