xfx r9 280x 3gb radeon amd runs slow

run slower than my previous engtx560 1gb why? cant even play gta iv with the settings my of old graphic card was running
my pc

asus m5a87 mobo
gs600 power supply
R9 280x graphic card
4gb ram kingstone 1600
amd fx 8120 processor 8 core
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    Either you don't have the latest (non-Beta) Drivers from AMD's website or your PSU is underpowered. Start by updating your drivers after a clean uninstall with reboots between each step.

    Ensure the Graphics Card is sat firmly in its PCI-E x16 slot (not at an angle) and that all Power Connectors are securely attached to the card.

    The R9 280X requires a minimum of a 600w PSU, and ideally something closer to 700w+. Some 600w PSUs might be underpowered as far as that card is concerned.

    If you get the opportunity, test the Graphics Card in a different PC with a higher-powered PSU to make absolutely sure that's the cause, before splashing out on a new unit.
  2. I had this exact same problem. My specs are a FX 8150, 8gb ddr3, and a r9 280x power color. I figured this would be great for gaming, but on BF4 I averaged like 40fps?!?! Not what charts shown. But I found the solution, its acutually isnt the GPU, its the CPU. The fix is EXTREMELY easy. Just go into your BIOS->Overclocking->CPU->CPU Features->HPC, and turn HPC ON. HPC will stop the processor from underclocking itself under easy loads. So when you go into a area of a Bf4 map and there are few people, it will underclock thinking it doesnt need to work, in turn giving you minimal performance. Hope this helps!
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