PLEASE HELP computer won't start after installing new cooler

Hello i just bought a CM 212 hyper evo and needed to take the mobo off to install it, everything went fine (so i thought), and now my pc doesn't start when i plug it in!!! No leds lighting up, no fans, nothing!! My case is a CM 690 if that helps with anything. Please i really need help
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  1. Did you double-check that you re-connected all the wires properly; 4-pin CPU power is connected, 24-pin motherboard power?
  2. Power switch, reset, power led, hd led, to mb from front panel?
  3. so the cpu and mobo are well connected then i saw the JFP1 ones weren't, i went to the manual and pluged them in correctly. Now when i click the power button one of the fans turn ONCE and i hear a click like it wants to start but then it doesn't :S
  4. Put your old CPU fan back on and see if it starts?
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    So i got it fixed, turns out it was a screw on the bottom right part of the board that was too tightened up causing the board to bend. Ty for all of your answers :D
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