Google chrome says "This webpage is not available"

I'm trying to troubleshoot for my grandmother. Her IE has no problem connecting to the internet, and is how I'm posting this, but google chrome keeps saying "This webpage is not available" for every page she's attempted to access since Friday. Turned off all firewalls, still gives the same messages. Uninstalled/Reinstalled Chrome, and no change.

Windows XP, Intel Pentium 4 1.8ghz, 1GB RAM, etc.
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  1. Check if you can go to a local page on Chrome, type in either or and if that works then you can access your router settings and gets a bit closer to solving the issue.
  2. If I.E. is working fine, then it would not be a router issue. Why are you using Chrome instead of I.E.? I find many people end up with a virus or spyware, I.E. starts working badly and they try to use another browser instead of fixing the virus. Is this maybe what is happening? Did you check for viruses?
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    They have error codes here.

    I had the same problem with IE and spent hours trying to fix it when all I needed to do was reset the browser.

    Here's how for chrome.
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