Do i need to buy a cpu cooler ??

I am not planning to overclocck my i5 4670k.... is the stock cooler is enough for my cpu...

my spec are
asus z97 C

asus r9 270x

8gb ram

antec vp 650pm

is it safe to run the computer without the other cpu cooler such as coolermaster 212 evo......
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  1. Yes you can run it with stock cooler if you're not planning to overclock. However it's a shame to buy 4670k cpu and not to overclock :(
  2. is it create any problem like heat increasing ..... and damage my cpu if i am a hardcore gamer ???can i add a coolermaster hypo 212 evo later ??
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    No you won't damage your cpu in any way since you will not overclock it. It will work on stock speed and stock cooler will be enough

    Yes you can add hyper evo 212 later on and overclock then... I'd suggest you to get something better like noctua nh-d15 or such to get better overclocks
  4. thank you very much.... i can add cpu cooler later....
  5. Sure :) glad I could help.. Make sure to choose the solution answer so it could help others as well
  6. make sure your case can fit the coolers. The 212EVO and the Noctua d-15 are HUGE. you will need between 16 and 17cm of clearance from your motherboard to y our case side panel to fit them.
  7. correct 16cm from m motherboard....
  8. ok you should fit the 212EVO with no problem, the Noctua NH-D14 might be a tight fit.
  9. I have asus z97 mobo and I have noctua nh-d15 installed with no problems. It is bigger than nh-d14, I only had to buy low profile ram instead of high profile but even tho if you have high profile ram you can fit it just make your second fan a bit higher or don't put it at all ( second fan gets you 3-5C cooler cpu)
  10. I was just worried that the NH-D14 or D15 wouldn't fit in his case, I wasnt worried about the motherboard.
  11. It should fit in every new mid tower case
  12. that would make things easy wouldnt it? I should be that simple but I have quite a few midtower cases that do not fit even the 212 EVO.
  13. New ones? or >1year older oO
  14. New ones. I have at least 6 cases that I bought within the last year that will not fit the 212EVO.
  15. Hm that's strange, very cheap cases or?
  16. fairly inexpensive ones yes. Good cases like the NZXT Source and Corsair 300R fit with no problem. I even have an old Ultra case from about 3 years ago that fits so it very much is a situation where you need to check clearance before buying the cooler. one case does not fit all.
  17. Yes that's true but who would buy a good pc like z97 4670k and a shitty 50$ case :P, I was guessing he has a nice case... He can always open the side lid of the pc and leave it off since low budget cases doesn't have dust filters anyway so side lid opened won't do any harm
  18. eh don't knock the cheepies :) just because it doesn't cost much, doesn't mean its not a good case. The Source 210 for example is currently going for $30 and it is a great little case if you just need the basics. you can fit a Hyper 212 in it, it has cable management and you can mount (2) 140mm fans on the top to suck the heat out. I love it and use it for most of my new builds. I have even put high end parts like Z97 boards and i7 chips inside. spending only $30 on your case gives you room to splurge on chips and other goodies :)
  19. Yes it is a nice little case but I'd never use it for expensive builds... airflow is just not good enough.
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