GTX 780 Ti, 2x R9 290, or R9 295 X2 for watercooling? Also what 'brand' is best? [evga, sapphire etc]

I'm looking at making my first watercooled build, and I'm still deciding on GPU's.

Originally I was looking at running 2x r9 290's, but after factoring the costs of watercooling, I'm thinking that 1x GTX 780 Ti is the better option for performance per dollar, especially because I'm lead to believe they overclock better.

Now, assuming I go for a 780 Ti, is there a particular brand I should buy? I wont be using the stock coolers for any longer than a fortnight as I just want to run the PC and make sure it works before putting on waterblocks.

These are my options in Australia:

The rest of the build is looking like:

CPU: i7 5930K
Mobo: Asus X99 Deluxe
PSU: Seasonic 1200W

+ a bunch of radiators in a 900D

EDIT: I've seen that the R9 295X2 is suddenly much cheaper here in Aus, so that's a possibility now too. thoughts?
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    I would suggest getting the 295x, it is two 290s put together with water cooling. They currently go for $1500 but will be going to $1000 for a while soon supposedly (american $). Cant beat that with your other two options price/performance wise
  2. crossfire will yield better power, but i'd go single gpu to avoid hassle with the stuff, good nvisdia brands, evga, asus, msi, google r9 290 brands, asus,sapphire,xfx,powercolour
  3. Hmm, those were 1800 a week ago in Aus. Now they're 1200. Hmmm.... No point even getting a Titan now.

    In saying that, I wont be using the reference cooler for long at all as I intend to use EKWB blocks.

    Ohhh, decisions, decisions. I feel a bit in over my head when looking at the dual GPU cards. Do they have any issues displaying games and such?

    Also, my current display is a 32" 1080p TV, and I intend to add one 28inch 4K monitor, and maybe down the track run 3x 4k monitors. would there be any issues with the 295 X2 with at least the first set up?
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