do i need to buy cpu cooler... i have only one cabinet cooler ..

My spec are
i5 4670k

asus z97 C

aus r9 270x

8gb ram...

iam not planning to overclock,,,and i have only one cabinet cooler...

Do i really need a cpu cooler ??
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  1. I assume you already have a stock CPU cooler and you are askin if you need an aftermarket cooler.
    Typically if you are not overclocking then you dont have to worry about aftermarket coolers. However it all depends on your temps. Run some Temp sensor programs like Real Temp and HWmonitor and see where you are at. If your temps are very high then I would suggest a cooler.
  2. You don't "need it," provided your temperatures are safe with the stock cooler. But even a cheap third-party cooler will perform better and likely be quieter than the stock cooler. I'd recommend watching your load temperatures very carefully, though.

    Why the K-series i5 and the Z97 motherboard if you don't want to overclock?
  3. I am planning to overclock in future.... I have only one cabinet cooler is it going to create any problems for my components ??
  4. hyper 212 Evo
  5. arun1994s said:
    I am planning to overclock in future.... I have only one cabinet cooler is it going to create any problems for my components ??

    I'm not certain what you mean by a "cabinet cooler." Do you mean a case fan? Personally, I'd recommend using as many case fans as your case supports. Good airflow is key.

    If you're going to overclock, you will eventually need a decent third-party CPU cooler. The Coolermaster Hyper 212 EVO mentioned above is a good, cheap option that should get you to a moderate overclock. But in the meantime, like I said, as long as your temperatures are safe, the stock cooler is fine. Just keep an eye on them.
  6. Thanks... i mean i have only one case fan....
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    your best bet is a case with a vented top like the NZXT Source 210. its only a $40 case but it has room for two 120mm fans on top that would do an excellent job of dumping the heat out of your system even without an aftermarket CPU cooler (again, assuming you are not overclocking, if you do overclock then you absolutely need a heavy duty cooler)

    Case fans keep the air inside your case cool, this is very important because your CPU cooler works by blowing air to cool off the heatsink attached to your CPU. If the air inside your case is hot then your CPU cooler is blowing hot air onto the CPU and will not be cooling it as much.

    So like mentioned above: keep an eye on your temps. If you are seeing temps of 50c and higher then I suggest upgrading the case with more fans at once.
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