New AMD Radeon HD 7770, when fully plugged in, not allowing the monitor to connect

I recently bought a AMD Radeon HD 7770 from Gigabyte to replace my AMD Radeon HD 6450 graphics card (due to incompatibilities)...

After installing the card, everything was fine except for the fact my pc didn't recognise the card correctly and claimed it was an ATI Radeon 3000. Soon after this I noticed the fan did not spin and checked the manual. It did not say that I had to plug the graphics card into the PSU too but after searching the internet and finding a better manual it did say to plug it in.

After doing this I found that the fan does work but my display graphics will not boot at all. Is there anyway I can plug the graphics card in and not get this error or is this a faulty card? (Also this was my first time installing a graphics card myself)

620w PSU
Gigabyte Ultra Durable Classic 4 78LMT-USB3 motherboard
2 tb Seagate hard drive
8 gb Ballistix sport RAM
AMD FX 6-Core processor
Gigabyte AMD Radeon HD 7770 Graphics card
Windows 8.1 64x
4:3 ratio monitor plugged into the VGA output connected directly to the motherboard
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  1. did you set the pci-e slot over the on board in the BIOS?

    what problems were you having with the other card?
  2. Sorry, what does that mean? Originally I did not make this computer by the way :/

    The problems I had with the other card however was that it was incompatible with windows 8 causing the graphics hardware to crash 2-3 times a day but rarely more or less than this. It also caused a lot of applications being blocked from using the Graphics hardware (it even blocked the windows OS at one point, and the CCC). The Blue screen of death has appeared many times and the problem was most of the time related to the gpu hardware.

    Also before buying this new gpu I did everything from reinstalling the graphics driver/windows to changing TLDR levels or driver options...
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    The Radeon HD 3000 is in your motherboard.

    If the card is plugged in properly and the power supply is good, then it sounds like a faulty card.
  4. Thank you xD
    I will return it and if I'm lucky may get a slightly better graphics card back xD
  5. Turns out the it was the socket I was using not working xD

    My dad said to test my pc using the HDMI cable from the tv before sending it back and that worked xD

    So now I have an adapter from analogue to HDMI xD
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