Adding 2nd HDD after clean install Windows 8.1 on SSD

Hi all,

Excuse me for bothering you, but I can't find an answer to an issue I have.
I just clean installed a SSD with Windows 8.1. Switched off my old HDD to make this possible in the first place. Comp is running in AHCI mode (SATA2) but as soon as I reattach my old hard drive, windows fails to load (the famous 0xc0000000e error). What should I do on windows 8 to reconnect this drive. It probably has something to do with the registry, but I only can find a 'work around' for Windows 7.
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  1. is your boot drive correctly set as your SSD?
  2. Was Windows 8 previously installed when that old HDD was plugged in? If you have two hard drives installed when you install Win8, it'll put the boot partition on the second drive for some reason. It sounds like you did the new installation right with just the SSD in but if that old drive has a boot partition from a previous installation, that would be mucking things up.
  3. Entomber and I are thinking alike, Enter your bios and move the SSD to the top of the harddrive boot priority list.
  4. Entomber said:
    is your boot drive correctly set as your SSD?

    Yes it is.
  5. Is the SSD on the lowest numbered sata port (often its sata_0)
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    I found this on Microsfot dot com:

    Use Windows 8 bootable DVD or USB and boot.
    Select option to repair your system instead of installing.
    Go to command prompt (in advanced options) and hit following commands to repair MBR.
    bootrec /fixmbr
    bootrec /fixboot
    bootrec /rebuildbcd
    Press [y] when system asks you to accept.

    Now, use option: Refresh your PC in advanced option
  7. popatim said:
    Is the SSD on the lowest numbered sata port (often its sata_0)

    Played around with that and apparantly that was the case. Needed to change the boot preference as well later on, but now it works. Thanks guys!
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