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How can I limit my wifi router's bandwidth allocation to other users?

I want to limit the internet bandwidth of other WiFi users in my house. I want to get most of the bandwidth that my WiFi is giving them. I am using the main PC. Because when I play my online games, I get lags coming from Internet users at my house. They usually visit youtube which sucks all bandwidth. Thus, giving me lags. How can I control the bandwidth allocation of my WiFi router? My router is TL-WR841N.
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  1. If your router supports it, you can try enabling QOS and make sure the PC gets priority. But if you are a slow net service there won't be much you can do.
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    According to the "Features" for that router, QoS is supported.

    But the user guide has no mention of 'how'.
  3. LOL. Thanks TP-Link.
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