Some keys on keyboard is not working with Windows 8.1

My laptop keyboard works except for a few keys (s, c, b, n, and space bar). I've checked that the toggle and filter keys functions are off and I've uninstall and reboot my laptop. I've changed language multiple times and nothing work.
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  1. u tried external keyboard
  2. profkefah said:
    u tried external keyboard

    An external keyboard works but I need my work (aka laptop) to be portable (and not to mention lugging around an external keyboard is troublesome) because I am a student.
  3. ok what is your laptop full type and model number
  4. I'm using ASUS K451L
  5. its ASUS K451LA
    or ASUS K451LB
    or ASUS K451Ln
  6. It's ASUS K451LB - WX071H
  7. None of it worked :(
  8. OK
    then u have to take it to an authorized service center
  9. I have the exact same problem. And the same keys not working on my Asus laptop (N550J). For me also the enter doesn't work. Numpad enter works. Time to time if I press letter N 20 times it finally works 1 time. Same with other keys. Took it to the service. They said its software issue and sent me away. External keyboard works without any problems and all the letters work. Restaring computer doesn't help.

    Did service help you get a solution. For me there are times when all the letters and keyboard work fine. And then they just stop working again.
  10. vuhuuu, I have the exact same problem. The letter N seems very affected by this. Weird. :D

    Did you find a solution?
  11. guys, certain keys don't work on my HP 15-f039wm Notebook PC (ENERGY STAR). it happened after formatting the hard disk and installing windows 10 which i deleted and re-ïnstalled windows 8.1 thinking it woùld work again. it failed. even when scrolling in the bios only down arrow works. Now i use the on-screen keyboard help me please.
  12. [Windows Key] + [Spacebar] - Small thing, but that one worked for the driver reinstalling (Acer Aspire V3-571G, Win 8.1)
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