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i have pc that using for recording security ip cameras. the pc got 2 hdd. one is 500gb as main drive, other is 2tb seagate hdd. i had a problem in the software, so i tried to uninstall it and reinstall and now i have a problem with the seagate drive. when i press the "allocate" on the security software, it's allocate the drive, but on the software it's says automaticly that there is no space and not recording anything. when i do the same on the 500gb drive, it's not have this problem. see the screen capture after i allocated both devices:

as you can see, only 426GB are free from the 500GB, and the 2tb seagate is not avalible. when i allocate only the 2tb, there is no free space at first place.
any way to factory reset the drive?
i tried to do quick format, removed the drive from the windows 7 computer management, even disconnected the drive and reconnect it. nothing worked. the drive is working so i can't go to the store and say it's not working but after allocating the drive to the recording software, no space at all and not recording anything
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    You need to go into disk management, right click on the 2TB and click on format. Then put the settings as below:

    It'll warn you about the format, click OK.

    Then it should work. If it doesn't, assign a letter to the drive:

    Or you can wipe out the HDD, its more than just formatting. Do it if this doesn't help.
  2. thank you
    full format not supposed to take hours?
    about the changing letter, already tried this when i deleted the volume and re created it with new letter. didn't worked.
    now, meanwhile i tried to "uninstall" the drive from the device manager and reinstall it. now there is also no option for delete volume. see the photo. i also check if it fixed the allocating problem - didn't fix
  3. update: i can't format it
    this is what i get. it's also make little noise every about 2 minutes
  4. Download Seagate Seatools and check the drive for bad sectors.
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