Nvidia vs AMD... The ultimate question! Help Me

Ok, so here's the deal... I am running a i7 4790k and a somewhat crappy GPU... no, I guess it's ok. It is a msi HD 7770 but the cpu could run games soooooo much better on a new better gpu so I want a new card. The components i've been thinking are listed:

Asus r9 280... this card is a $229 card and apparently has good performance.

EVGA superclocked gtx 760... This card is VERY VERY highly rated: also on sale for $229

would I be better of going with the 760? I've heard that the nvidia cards play well with Intel processors. I've also heard the run a lot cooler and quieter while also saving energy... (AND THEN THERES PHYSX! WOOO GOAT SIMULATOR)

Soooo which one would be a better fit for me?
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  1. The R9 280 sits in between the 770 and 760, closer to the 760. It pulls a very slight performance edge over the 760 (About 2 FPS on BF4). Since both are identical in price I would take the stronger card, the 280.

    However, you are listing specifics that you may want to use, such as Physx. Features like that are useful to take into account. Figure out what kind of games you wish to play and see what they favor, AMD or Nvidia cards.
  2. Now I see the advantages for both, but I really like just cause 2 and goat simulator (multiplayer) (Both games use Physx) and I will also be doing some screen capture recording. AND I also do A LOT with adobe Photoshop, illustrator, premiere pro, and Dreamweaver. <---- cuda tech. But I will be doing some battlefield 4 also.
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    I would take the features over the 2FPS in that case, you will get overall more performance at the cost of 1 or 2 frames.
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