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Hey guys this my first time that I get into headsets , and I would realy like someone to tell me what are the best value for money headsets for around 100 dollars out there . Keep in mind that I will be listening to music once in a while with these headsets , but generally gaming based use .

Thank you for the help :)
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  1. Logitech G430,Logitech G930,Razer Kraken 7.1,Plantronics Gamecom 780,any Turtle Beach under $100,...
  2. I like the Corsair Vengeance 2100, extremely comfortable, great sound quality, and it's wireless, but you don't lose much sound quality. The H2100 was just announced with some new branding, seems to be the same price.
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    Well, the problem with Razer and Turtle Beach is that you're paying for brand, not quality. The Logitech and Corsair have much better build and sound quality, they're just not as flashy. The Steelseries Siberia V2 is another great headset, and it's very popular for its comfort and quality for gaming.
  4. Im in between the Siberia v2 and the corsair 1500 . Any pros and cons and overall opinion ?
  5. It's really preference, they're very close to eachother. The 1500 V2 is great, but I would go for the wireless 2100.
  6. I asked for a recomendation about only the two of the two please dont get of the topic :)
  7. Just offering a different idea. I would go for the 1500, then, but make sure you get the V2.
  8. Ok thx guys I will probably get the siberia v2
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