Would a GTX 780, fit in a bitfenix prodigy m?

swapping out my 760 for a 780, due the price drop. Just wondering if the gtx 780 is too long for my matx case? :)
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    Bit Fenix - - don't say.
    The case inside is 250 x 310 x 340

    An Asus GTX780 - is 287mm long

    You'd have to measure inside one. You'd have to at least remove the top HDD cage
  2. If it helps in my bitfexis prodigy mini itx I can fit a asus gtx 780 dcu2 with a 230mm fan in the front
    So I dont see why it wouldn't fix in the prodigy m

  3. I'm pretty sure the GTX 780 will fit the the BitFenix Prodigy M, you can use to check part compatiblity.
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