external hard drive not seen in my computer, disk manager and device manager

hello! please help me. I have an MSI 1 tb hd, it's working the last time i used it but when i plugged it yesterday, it wasn't detected at all by the computer. I have windows 8.1 OS. I can't see the it in my computer, disk manager and device manager. I once saw it in device manager which is shown as greyed. I uninstall it and restart my computer. I plugged in my hd but it is not detected.
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  1. Have you tried connecting it to another computer?
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    Hi floan13. Is there any indication that the drive is powered on when you connect it (if there's a led does it light up, do you feel/hear it spinning etc.)? You should definitely follow ronintexas's advice and try it on a different computer. You should also try different USB cables (not longer than 12").
    You could also open up Device Manager -> click on View -> select Show hidden devices -> expand all the nodes by clicking on "+" symbol and if you find any greyed ones right click on them and select Uninstall -> restart the computer and try to connect your drive again.

    Hope that helps.
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