After using DDU cannot find my graphics card.. under display adapters in Device Manager(See Description)

One day after bringing my laptop back from repairing. i saw that my gameplay was very laggy... the fps was actually half of what it should have been. Then i understood that my dedicated gpu(Nvidia Geforce GT 630m) was not being used.. but my Intel HD 4000. event with power adapter plugged in. So i went to device manager.and saw yellow diagonal box beside my GT 630M . i clicked on properties and i saw it was "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)". So i thought of using DDU. after using it i rebooted. then now i cannot find my gt 630m under display adapter in device manager. and i tried to install new drivers which is showing "NVIDIA Installer cannot continue.This graphics driver could not find compatible graphics hardware

Laptop :Lenovo Z580
Intel i5 3210M
GT 630M 1GB DDR3
500 GB HDD.
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    error 43 is reported for failing hardware . the GT 630M is likely bricked .
  2. but now i cannt find it under display adapters.. wt to do abt it??
  3. rockz3r said:
    but now i cannt find it under display adapters.. wt to do abt it??

    If the card cant be detected how do you expect drivers to be installed .

    Last resort : clean install of Windows but first copy all important data from C: to D:
  4. DDU has wrecked my windwos installation twice... always create a system restore point prior to using it - I find I dont NEED to use it.
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