Possible Bottleneck (gtx 780 acx sc)

Hi, i recently upgraded my old ati hd 5670 to a evga gtx 780 acx sc, the fact is that im experimenting some problems like texture/shadows flickering and jagged edges (in games like ASC4 with TXAA X4) some "lag" at 45 fps and slow loading textures and i think maybe it can be my motherboard bottlenecking my gpu cause is a low-end mobo. here are my specs:


- Motherboard; Gigabyte GA-H61M-HD2 (I think this is the problem)

- CPU: Intel Core I7 3770 (Non K) 3.4Ghz @ 3.9Ghz

- Ram: Corsair Vengeance 1x8GB 1600 MHz

-PSU: Corsair TX 650 V2

- No Liquid Refrigeration Cooler

i want to test this in some other pc with other better mobo but i dont have anybody near to test it. also i dont think it is the psu, i tested both with and without adapter and same results. and i dont think that it can be for no having a cooler. also tested with other ram below 1333 mhz and same thing.
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  1. Could be, but my alarm bells are ringing from that single stick of RAM.
    A single stick won't be running in at least dual-channel, which could explain some of the issues you're having.
    See if you can pick up another identical stick. Or a kit of some other stuff to test on.
  2. Hey,

    if you haven't already download and run this driver sweeper and get rid of your old GPU drivers and then download and install the latest drivers from nVidia's website.
  3. thank you but, i tested it with 2x4gb corsair value select 800mhz i had before, i know this has half of the mhz and is non gaming but at least is dual channel, and same results, also i was going to buy 2x4gb vengeance but i chose 1x8gb better due to upgrading termns. also i didnt buy a cooler cause my i7 is non-k and i saw gtx 780 pc builts fnished with 3770 non k, but i dont think that the "ACX SC" means to requiere an overclocked CPU, it goes up to 60-75 C°. so thats why im thinking is my mother cause is the cheapest part of my pc, eventhough it has intel XMP profile, 2200 mhz (OC), and pcie 3.0
  4. it has 1 year old, and thats what i thought, does really a low end mobo bottleneck the rest of the high gaming parts that is current supporting?, i will testing other components and luckily i will test the gpu into another gaming pc to verify that is neither the psu/ram or the gpu itself.

    Mouldread, i will try it but i recently formated my pc (windows 7 ultimate 64 bits)
  5. Well, tested guru 3d, and remove all amd software and got no results, also i disabled and removed the gtx 780 and tested with intel integrated graphics and same results, (tested league of legends, which i have shadow dissapearing issues and some jagged edges) so the gpu isnt the problem. is either the mobo or the psu, but the psu is just doing it well and is new and quiet, and goes hot when is gaming.
  6. The PSU is a good one, allbeit slightly old.
    If you're not using the discrete GPU then I would see no reason why a PSU designed for 650w would have any trouble handling just a CPU with integrated graphics.

    Guess we are pointing to the motherboard then.
  7. thank you distello xd, i also think that the motherboard is the problem i guess, it is not made to support high-end gpu even though it supports 3.0 pcie i just want to buy this one , a friend told me that z77 is the best of gaming-price chipset, so will my gtx 780 and the rest of my cpu run fine in this mobo? should i buy this or other?
  8. Considering the build is so high-end, I would suggest something a bit more substantial.

    Perhaps a Z77 Sabertooth or the P8Z77-V PRO from ASUS. (How can you tell I like ASUS? :F).

    If you can find them of course.
    I'm sure the board you listed would be fine too, but it seems a bit sad to put such lovely hardware in such a cheap board.
    Maybe invest in some extra cooling too and overclock the 3770. As well as another stick of that RAM.
  9. seems like i dont have more money to buy a z77, i guess is better for me buying a h77 mobo since i dont want to overclock my cpu and it is non-k, will i have problems runing my system in this: ? i saw people runing 3770 and gtx 780 on a b75 mobos.

    and also i have a question can high cpu temperatures cause graphic errors in gpu?
  10. Best answer
    The motherboard is fine. i would also point my finger at the ram. Get another stick of that ram to run in dual channel, make sure its same model, same speed, same voltage etc. as your current ram module. High cpu temp will cause throttling and lower performance, I always recommend an aftermarket cooler even for running any higher end i5/i7 as they tend to get hot and throttle with that flimsy stock cooler. Something cheap like a coolermaster hyper tx3 will keep it cool at stock clock speeds and will fit in most cases.
  11. im going to try another corsair vengeance stick to run at dual channel and see if the problem persists
  12. OP, I would try changing the power supply to a power supply manufactured by XFX or Seasonic.
  13. tested with 2x8gb corsair vengeance 1600mhz dual channel and same graphic issues, (but much better perfomance), so i think it is definitely the motherboard, the psu just doesnt have any issues
  14. sora said:
    OP, I would try changing the power supply to a power supply manufactured by XFX or Seasonic.

    whats wrong with a corsair TX psu? they are good psu's.
  15. sry for late reply,
    i got a new msi z77ma-g45 and got a corsair h60 cooler so then i oced my i7 at 4.3 (is non-k so it is the max i could, max to 65c full load), the flickering gone but poor AA was still there.

    the lag under 50 fps was caused by imput lag which i solved via nvidia inspector. checked with integrated graphics and the problem is still there. and few days ago the psu just got bad and its fan stopped to work even on high load (i noticed due to windows aero was disabled, and the gpu were getting 90c+ on games until i stopped it) and had tu return the psu by RMA, they will send me an RM 650 Gold Plus which i think is better.

    so yes the psu was fault & working bad, i guess it was the nonmodular TX series sleeved cables due to my cpu case is small and cables were forced to fit in and touching ones with others, sometimes the pc wont start due to cables management and sometimes i got BSOD moving these fat ugly. cables.

    so the RM is full modular and cables are thin so i think the problem should be gone with this upgrade. as soon as i got the new psu i will test and report back
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