i5 2500k with a 570 phantom, upgrading to a Asus 970. Worth putting them in sli? what benefits / downsides would they be?

Hi, I have a i5 2500k with a 570 phantom. Looking to grab a Asus 970 when it releases here in a couple days.

Pondering if it's worth making use of the 570 by putting it in the next pci slot down? motherboard is a p8z77-v pro.

I'll be also grabbing a new cpu cooler to replace the stock cooler on the i5 2500k, so should easily be able to get it up to about 4.2 maybe 4.5 with the D15 I guess and make use of that cooler with a cpu upgrade in a few months time.

Not sure the benefits of making use of the 570 though in this situation and with a upgrade cpu, any advice? and any fps gains i might see? the negatives too.

I have a corsair 750w or 800w psu, so guessing I should have sufficient power to run them both?
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  1. Well it makes all the sense since the 570 will be taking care of physis !!! Cheers!!!
  2. You could use the 570 as a dedicated phsyx card. Your PSU should be enough to run both. But just remember you'll only get the benefit with games that use physx e.g. Batman Arkham games, Borderlands games. So with the majority of games you won't see any fps improvements. Getting an aftermarket cooler for your CPU is a good idea too. Beware the Noctua D15 is massive!
  3. Yeah its pretty beefy, I've got a Corsair 600t, decided to spend the money on a decent sized case a few years ago so will fit easily enough.

    trying to find any stats on what sort of fps benefit this situation would give though, struggling to find anything. Most videos / stats that i've seen is people pairing up very old 400 or less series cards with a 580 or 600 series. I'd have thought the 570 phantom is a pretty decent card to pair up with a asus 970.

    Would I disable the 570 in Nvidia settings when i'm not going to make use it of and enable it when i do? or would it sit there not consuming any power until its actually needed?

    Any rough stats? or resources to look up potential benefits? Generally speaking, I play Battlefield 4, Shadow of Mordor when it launches in a couple days.
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    Battlefield 4 doesn't use Phsyx… not sure about Shadow of Mordor. All I know about SoM is that they are boasting your going to need some serious hardware to play it a high settings.

    You can disable the 2nd GPU in NCP but it will still draw idle range power... which keep in mind is pretty low. There's probably a more complicated way of turning it off through your BIOS :)

    This article does seem to be pretty nVidia biased, but it does illustrate how a dedicated GPU makes a big difference with phsyx:
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