Not a noob question: 2x xeon 8 core processors vs intel i7 5960 based system.

hii, im planning to buy a high end computer system in upcoming months which i will be using for gaming as well as software development and game development using unreal engine 4 and sometimes unity. now i have done quite some research and narrowed down to two options but u can suggest more

1st option:
1)a dual xeon motherboard with gaming capabilities such as
2) 2x xeon 8 core processors the max high end i can get.
some good amount of ram around 16gb (i think these boards support ddr3 yet not ddr4)
3) 2x high en nvidia gpus,

2nd option:
1) a good board that has support for latest intel xtreme processors such as i7 5960x
2) an intel i7 5960x :D
3) around 16gb ram ddr4
4) a top line nvidia gpu.

my question is, which one will be a better performer in terms of gaming and game development? will the 1st option just be an overkill? i would like to have some detailed explanations please. i dont wanna spend more if i can get the max gaming performance in less. also what if i go further down to a i7 4790k with some good ddr3 memory? hoping for some detailed answers. thanks,
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  1. if you are using the newest xeon chips, they will be on the 2011 v3 platform and take ddr4.
  2. Dear , even i5 4590 + GTX 970 is enough
  3. @blue17acho: just as a side question does that mean i can use a xeon and a i7 5960x on the same board? i mean not together but i can take out the xeon and put 5960x in place of it?
  4. if he is doing any animation or modelling he absolutely needs more than an i5
  5. yes, you can. the i7 cannot be placed in a dual chip setup, however. a good xeon on a single chip board might do you though, and possibly cheaper than the 5960x.
  6. It's an interesting question. 2x xeon chips will be extremely powerful for processor intensive activities such as compressing files and large image editing and such, but not so much for games. It could be considered overkill for gaming, but for 'game development' then it -could- be worth it. The main differences you'd see with faster chips would not be during game testing as such but rather helping recover from any crashes or perhaps building and compressing game files or maybe just working with many, many programs open at once. If you have multiple monitors or use many programs at once maybe the more powerful system would be a viable spend but if you feel you are happy to wait (only slightly) longer for things to compress or build or load then get the I7 and you won't be disappointed either way. :)
  7. @blue17acho: so a high end xeon, with a single xeon board and a pci express slot and ddr4 ram will beat a i7 5960x in performance related to gaming and compiling large pieces of code etc?
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    Mostlikely not. Two xeons on a dual cpu motherboard with large amounts of ram will do, though.

    Edit: Sorry, disregard above.

    Yes, a high end xeon will do better than the i7 5960x in productivity, but not in gaming. For gaming solely, anything above an i5 4690k won't yield you any noticeable performance increase, though.

    However, if that's worth the price tag, that is another question.
  9. Also, poking at Intel's chip prices, the 5960x is their best price on an 8 core, plus it's unlocked and overclocks well.
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