Windows 7 OEM Validation problem when set up to dual boot with Windows XP

I have a notebook computer that came with Windows 7 Pro OEM installed. I formatted HD and installed XP pro. I then re-installed Windows 7 Pro OEM in different partition using the original software key to get XP/W7 dual boot capability. Dual boot and XP work fine but Windows 7 won't validate.

What are my options?

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  1. I'd honestly call the MS hotline and you had to reformat but the validation isn't working. This happened on my one asus UL... legit had to reformat the drive, but ended up having to call the automated line to get the OEM system back online.
  2. You could call MS, but I have always heard, install the newest first, for dual boot.

    It could be a glitch, because you installed XP first.
  3. I read the opposite, always install the latest last, because if you install the newest first then when you install the older last, the old one may not recognize the latest MBR formatting or, in the case of Windows 8, GPT.
  4. I tried installing Win 7 first but XP would not recognize it and create the dual boot. Then I found info saying install newest first and it worked perfectly. However Win 7 will not validate and it says it is not a genuine copy.
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