How much power do I need to run this PC I'm going to build? Any recommendations for different parts than what is listed?

I am going to build this computer around Christmas when I get the money for it, but I was wondering how much power I need to run it. I will spend the extra bucks to get the power necessary but I don't want to go overboard on my power supply and spend unnecessary money.

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    Nothing in your cart. It is probably saved as one of your personal cookies for your eyes only.

    But if you give me an idea of the CPU and graphics card you intend to use, I can offer a suggestion. Those are the two big power hogs in a PC. Drives, fans, lights, motherboard, memory don't amount to very much once you get a big enough PSU for the CPU/GPU.
  2. Hi, sorry about that, I just realized I was signed into my amazon account so it only appeared for me.. I am using an AMD Quad core A-8 APU, an ATI Graphics card and I sadly don't know how many GB it has on it because I'm scavenging it from the home computer, so it will probably be pretty difficult to know how much power that takes up. But, I currently have a Corsair 500 watt Atx/apx 80 plus in my amazon cart and I was wondering if that would be enough power for my computer. Thanks for any advice possible to be given!
  3. The amount of VRAM the card has, makes no difference on power demand. What will make a difference is what GPU it has. Do you know the make/model of the card? If not, does it have a 6 pin header on it? Or 2 x 6 pin headers? If it has a single 6-pin header (or no aux power header), the PSU is fine. If it has a 2nd 6 pin header or an 8 pin header, I will have to know the make/model of the card.
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