Help! Malware that can not be removed?

I have recently caught a new adware by the name of GoSave, Luckily I can just mute it from Google Chrome each startup, but I would really like to know that it is gone and my computer is not at risk. It works just like any other malware I have had, but I cannot uninstall it, and each time I restart my computer no matter how hard I try to remove the virus it is back. I have tried everything reccomended on there and still ahve no luck. I really need some help on this.

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  1. People should really get rid of chrome, its like a malware magnet!

    It must be full of bugs or something. Its either crashing, crashing windows, killing cpu usage or someone has picked something up using it

    Get teamviewer if you want install it then give me the ID and password it gives you in a PM

    I could have a look from here
  2. MalwareBytes is my personal favorite for removing malware....You may have to "reset chrome":
  3. MalwareBytes is excellent, I usually run RKill, RogueKiller, or something else before scanning.

    It doesn't hurt to boot in Safe Mode before running a scan either.
  4. Thanks for the responses... I already have run Malwarebytes a few times, but I'll do it some more, and Paul NZ what do you want to do? You want to see my screen?
  5. Ill see whats in startup etc. Dont worry if you get it you'll see what I'm doing
  6. Im' going to wait for malwarebytes to finish then if it doesn't work I'll download the third party program... Give me about 20 minutes
  7. No probs. I would disable system restore too, if something is in its folders if its still enabled, they'll still be there
  8. Try Adware Cleaner. If that doesn't work and you have ran a full malware scan with malwarebytes I would run ComboFix in safe mode.
  9. Yeah @Paul NZ that just isn't working, I'll let you try... I'll go and download the program
  10. Okay I have it installed, what do I do now?
  11. Send the ID and password its got to me in PM
  12. Best answer
    It had Activeris Antimalware which is rogue / fake software. It tells you something is wrong, when there isnt. Managed to remove that. Deleted a few tasks.

    Then used adwcleaner to remove the rest. Its rebooting now
  13. Yeah... Do you need back in?
    It seems to have worked... I love you... but how do I get rid of the weird translucent icons and folders?
  14. Give me another password in PM .It cant run if i deleted its folders :lol:

    It created tasks to run at whatever time/s, to try and hide. It lost :bounce:
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