Issue installing Win XP on WD Black 1.5TB WD1502FAEX hard drive

I'm certainly no expert but have had some experience loading Win XP on new hard drives before when I've rebuilt my pc.

So, somehow I ended up with a brand new WD Black series hard drive - model WD1502FAEX. I've tried to install win xp onto this drive in three different pc as the primary drive. I've tried to partition it to alow the os to reside on one partition and my data on the others.

No matter which machine I try this on, it takes (quite literally) days to "almost complete". In fact in all instances, I have given up after 7 days!!

Obviously, I'm doing something wrong and so I'm reaching out to those of you that do know more than me for some assistance.

Any suggestions would be great
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  1. That's often a symptom of a failing hard drive. Hook it up to working Windows PC and test it with WD Data Lifeguard Diagnostic:
  2. I'm happy to give that a try, but it's a brand new hard drive having never been used, other than my attempts to install win xp!
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    Hi there conandrews,

    Are you trying to install Windows XP (32bit)? If so, you should either get a 64bit version or use the WD Align tool. The WD Black is Advanced Format drive which is not supported by the 32bit Windows XP.

    You can check the following thread:
    Here's a link to WD Align tool:
    WD knowledge base article how use it:

    Hope this will help,
  4. Examine the SMART report. Look for reallocated, pending, or uncorrectable sectors.
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