Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400 @ 2.66Ghz + sapphire R9 270 DP TRI-X OC 2Gb + Xilence XP480. Will the PSU be able to support the GPU?

I have two additional WD HDDs. I Currently have a Radeon HD 4870 and I'd like to upgrade that with a R9 270 2gb or R9 270x 4gb. Will my PSU be enough to support the new GPU?

And will this PC setup allow me to play Crysis 3, Watch Dogs, Shadow of Mordor, Battlefield 4, Metro Last Light, Witcher 2 at a decent (high-some ultra) setting?

Thank you all.
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    If your PSU can support the HD 4870 w/o any issues, it'd definately support R9 270, both have the same TDP. 270X has 180W TDP which's a bit higher and it won't be wise to put it on 480W PSU. You can expect decent settings on latest titles with 270 (non-X), with fine 40+ FPS, as the CPU will bottleneck the GPU a bit.
  2. It will run fine on that PSU but high-ultra on those titles nearly impossible. I'm still running 7870 (almost same performance as 270x) over Q8400 @ 3Ghz and the CPU chokes on most of those titles... actually Watch Dogs and BF4 are hardly playable for me (below 60fps is a drama for me). The thing is GPU is not even hitting 50% of utilization which proves that this CPU will heavily limit the performance.

    And limit is not "a bit" as above answer suggest, its huge trust me.
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