PC freezes while web browsing ?

My PC keeps freezes randomly while web browsing to the point where I have to hold the power button to force shutdown. There's no blue screen or black screen and I've tried all the basics that I know of to fix it which is why im now asking on the forum here.

PC specs
Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit
AMD A6-5400K APU 4.3GHZ
500gb hdd (only 30.8 gb used. I dont store any media files on this pc only excel and word docs)
(It was custom built by an IT guy)

Things I've tried to fix the issue so far:

Re-inserted the ram incase it was just slack
Ran an avg scan, malwarebyte scan, CC Cleaner to check for registry errors
Uninstalled all the web browsers and reinstalled them. I mainly used chrome but tested other browsers and all freezed the same.
Uninstalled Flash and java and reinstalled them.
Reinstalled the integrated video card's drivers

All this to no avail. Previously it only froze during videos on like youtube etc but now it freezes at anytime....can be 10 minutes into web browsing or 1hr in. Between 8am to 5pm it probably freezes about 6 times thats the only hours I use this pc.
Currently as im writing this the only software I have installed myself as per my "Programs and Features" are utorrent, adobe reader, microsoft office pro plus 2010, Firefox, mediaplayerclassic, quickbooks premier accountant, winrar, winzip and a drivers for my wireless adapter.

I have no idea what to do again and would really appreciate some help. The pc is probably about a year old and all the freezing while web browsing occured like 4months after buying it, I thought i fixed it then by reinstalling chrome and flash but then the freezing started reoccurring like a month ago.
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    here are some psooible causes and solutions have contracted a virus on your pc and thus causing the slowdown (antivirus dont always detect a virus ) can resolve this by doing a fresh install of windows onto your pc disk could be fragmented can resolve this by running a defragging program such as iobits advance system care or using windows defragging tool.

    3. you might have disk errors ..
    you can resolve this by doing a disk scan with commancd prompt ..
    open command prompt with administrator right >>right click on command prompt >> click run as administrator
    >> then type the following command " CHKDSK" and wait for it to finish doing its thing..
    if errors aare found the pc will ask you to do a restart ..restart and thge pc will be back to normal .. could have a damaged hdd in the system ..
    res .. you can resolve this by replacing the drive
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