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hello guys m from india and m planning to assemble a mid tower pc for gaming propose 65k for only cpu with cabinet and exclude hard disk in this becoz i already have, suggest me best rig guys i m very confused like should i gor for i5 4690k or i7 4790k and can i play upcoming game like gta 5 and 15k is good enough for gpu for gta 5 and which mother board for i5 or i7 thanks in advance according to latest offer plz give some suggestion
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  1. i5 4690K would suffice you for gaming, if your budget let's you afford R9 270x, then get that. I'm sorry, I don't really know prices there in India, but no one seems to be posting in this thread, so here I am. Trying.
  2. thank you bro for replying r9 270x is in my budget it is about 20k MSI NVIDIA N760 TF 2GD5/OC 2 GB GDDR5 is also under budget bro one question i5 4690k or i7 ?? and if yes which i7 ?? and i want to play gta 5 only bcoz of this m making my pc
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    Can you be clear with what all you want exactly?

    A CPU, a Case and a GPU?
  4. 20k for cpu and 20k for gpu i want best in this price
  5. Wait for Diwali deals, starting one week deal from Thursday onwards.
    You can get GTX 970 for 30K,It is the best option available us in India.
    Others are too high and the gtx 970 is priced reasonably here
  6. If you got money remaining pick a good mobo from asus with sli support,it will ensure your pc running fine for some years
  7. 20k for processor 10k for mobo and 25k for gpu give me best i7 is better i5 ??
  8. bro can u give the idea of what is overclocking ?? why it is needed ?? advantage or disadvantage ??
  9. @Ashish:For gaming i7 and i5 performance wise remain the same(or negligible difference)
    By overclocking you can increase the CPU frequency under proper cooling there by increasing performance.
  10. Agreed, gaming, you only really need i5. Unless of course you're going to do some streaming while gaming and probably some photo editing and video editing, an i7 will help with those extra hyperthreading.
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