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So yesterday i bought an produkt key for windows 7 ultimate but when i try to install the windows i get " windows setup experienced an unexpected error. To install windows, restart the installation" what can i do? I hope i havent spend the money for nothing :(
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  1. Bought a 'product key' from where?
    Why Win 7 Ultimate?
    What media are you using to install?
  2. USAFRet said:
    Bought a 'product key' from where?
    Why Win 7 Ultimate?
    What media are you using to install?

    bought it from its a swedish shop

    Im using an Lenovo G585 Model name 2181

    It have Windows 8.1 on it right now but i dont like neither does anyone in my family.
    I like windows 7 ultimate.
    but if you can help me by anyway please do it!
  3. Did you check Lenovo's website for Windows 7 drivers for the laptop prior to installing it? Some of their models do have Windows 7 drivers, others do not.
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    I have windows 8 and do not like Metro interface. I use a freeware called ClassicShell that bypass initial Metro UI and goes directly to Desktop. It also adds a Start button that can be customized to Windows 7 format.

    If you want to install Windows 7, below are the recommendations. DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK.

    Before you do anything else it is important:
    1 - create recovery DVDs for your current system. Laptop has an app to do that. About 4 DVDs (single-layer). You need these DVDs if you decide in the future to set the laptop to factory state.
    2 - you also need to backup ALL your personal data.
    3 - download all the drivers from Lenovo for your laptop model and save them in a USB stick.
    4 - you will lose ALL pre-installed apps.

    You said you bought the cd key. Is it for 32- or 64-bit windows 7?

    Now, the bad news. You need a window 7 DVD that matches 32- or 64- bit cd key. If cd key is for windows 32 bit, you need Windows 7 32bit DVD. If 64bit cd key, you need Windows 7 64bit DVD. Any version of Windows 7 DVD will work. It does need to show on label that is Ultimate or Home Premium. You can borrow from friends, if they have one.

    Once you have Win 7 DVD on hand, AND made the recovery DVDs, you need to boot from Win 7 DVD and in install process you need to reformat the drive. Follow through the installation. Once installation is complete, install all the drivers you downloaded in you USB stick. Once completed, check Device Manager if any driver is missing and install it.

    Good luck.
  5. I agree with electrontau - I hated the metro interface (they call it modern interface now). The program Start8 ($4.99) gives me the "Windows 7" feel. I found that Windows 8 takes advantage of my hardware - especially boot times, and the power management on my laptop is quite a bit better. My extended Facebook family has quite a few that has purchased computers with Windows 8, and most that have installed the Start8 or ClassicShell interface say that it works great.

    A few just couldn't take it. There are 4 that I know of that have downgraded to Windows 7 (is that really a downgrade? LOL) - and in 3 of the 4, we found Windows 7 drivers that would work - one case there were no Windows 7 drivers and he had to eventually go back to Windows 8.

    Make sure you change your BIOS settings: Change "Secure Boot" option to "Disabled".

    Here is a good tutorial:
  6. Okej so i got windows 7 install worked. But the other problem is here... *windows cannot be installed to disk 0 partition 2* another problem really? Now what should i do?
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