Is this build good enough for recording Battlefield 4, Arma 3,Rust, etc. at Ultra no Anti-Aliasing?

Title says it all

Here ya go:
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  1. That build can do it all! Have fun!
  2. rmark45matsu said:
    That build can do it all! Have fun!

    Even streaming?
  3. Erm...bf4 on ultra with streaming may be pushing the bounds of that pc.
  4. Did you buy it all yet? because some changes can be made.
  5. Spending about $50 more would get you a 970, with a 970 you could even game at 4k on low settings
  6. If you're willing.. a 970 is worth it. Like what Alex said, but not sure about 4K gaming.
  7. 4k gaming isn't that crazy, you can game with a 270x on low 4k.
  8. Not saying that the OP should 4k game.. I wouldn't even recommended it till better cards come out. I'm just saying that it'll be worth it because streaming can hit performance from what I've seen, and that it'll last longer.
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