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Computer won't start in Normal Mode but starts on Safe Mode

Hello! This just recently happen today and I have tried everything on fixing this. The problem is when I boot up on normal mode, it shows the welcome screen for a slight second then goes black screen. When I boot up to safe mode, everything works fine!

I have tried doing the following:
-System Restore
-command promt SFC /scannow
-msconfig disabling everything and tried rebooting

I don't know what else to do. Any suggestions?
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  1. Disabling everything in startup you mean?? I wouldnt disable the services in msconfig. And it still wont boot after ?
  2. Yes it still won't boot to normals, it works for safemode but not normal
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    But if you disabled the services enable them again then untick everything in startup. Then see what happens. Some driver maybe corrupt
  4. It could be a corrupted file structure..

    Do you still have your windows installation disk? Then do a startup repair.
  5. Solved! Omg. All I did was boot and ofcourse enable the services, unplug the graphics card and plugged it back in and everything went back to normal
  6. Never disable services in msconfig. if you want to disable them do it in services
  7. Ok thanks Paul! Il private message you if anything else is wrong with the computer
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