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I have the OCZ 1000 ProXStream, which is really, really loud, unbareable actually.
I want to replace the fan to this dude, but i cant find a fan that matches the voltage and amparage like the same stock fan (12V, 0.66A). I tried to replace it with a noctua 8FR PWM with no luck, its spins for a second and shuts itslef down. probably because I wasnt checking the things that I mentioned before. Can you guys help me find a fan that'll work? thanks!

EDIT: forgot to say its 80mm fan
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  1. Don't use a PWM fan?
  2. its not the issue, i managed to iron it to the 3 pin stock connector, it just spins for a second and shutdown as i said.
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    If it uses a standard case fan, on with full frame and 4 mounting holes. They just about any 80mm fan will do. They all run at 12volts. Just make sure the amperage is Less than 0.66A (this should also be Most fans).

    Something like this:
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