Weird clicking noise on shutdown

Hi guys recently I started noticing this weird sound when turning off my computer.

I changed my psu to a better one about a month ago but I'm pretty sure this has nothing to do with it.

It's definitely the sound of something that got its power cut. It's a similar sound you get when a TV gets old. It pings or clicks as you kill the power.

Any ideas?

Big question - should I be worried

Thanks very much
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  1. Does this happen at all when you are using the computer? It could be your HDD starting to fail but that would also make noise when you are using the computer.
  2. Hi thanks for your response.

    Not it's only when the computer shuts down.

    Can ssds make this noise or only hdd?

    I've 2 new ssds and 2hdd. 1 is quite old
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    SSD's are silent, HDD's can make noise. This could be a fan then also. You would need to open the case and shut it down to better localize the sound location.
  4. OK cool. So maybe plug out old hdd and see if sounds still exists

    Thanks Bro

    Will report back
  5. I removed the really old hardrive and just left my 2 SSDs and my WD 4TB HDD (about 1 year old) - and i still get the sound :(

    Can I assume that it MUST be my 4TB hardrive?

    This wouldn't be a noise from a fan or graphics card?
  6. Any moving part could be making the noise. You just have to slowly test and find out where it is coming from.
  7. Hi guys,

    So I have isolated the sound to the psu. It's a corsair 650w.

    It was highly recommended on Amazon and forums.

    This is really making me angry because I only bought this psu a month or so ago to replace an old faulty psu.

    I've no idea how this could happen so quickly. Is it faulty or is that an OK sound for a psu?
  8. Wow this forum is so awesome. I did a search just now and found this post :

    It seams it's a normal sound for a corsair psu as it has a relay switch or something
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