AMD Phenom ii X6 1090t Within R9 280 xfx DD

Hey guys.. I used 2 've the Amd phen ii x6 1090t within ATI 5770 I decided to upgrade my gpu to R9 280 xfx Double D ... I got 8 gigs ram 1600 .. but I can't find that kind of improvements also .. sometimes the games crash.. e.g Call of duty: Ghosts ..WatchDogs >> laggy :/ so .. my question if it's my pc components can't handle that graphic card I need to upgrade my CPU and MB ..?
A friend of mine told me that i7 4790k + Asus vi Hero should be great that true also..? what re my best options .. regardless budget limitation ..and what is the best deal for my R9 280xfx DD ..hence am forcing usin' it :/
Also am using Win 8.1 64 bit << Do I need 2 try on Win 7 ..or 8.1 re just fine ..?
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  1. First, what power supply do you have? it could be the cause of crashes. I'd say you need a good quality 550w unit for your rig. Overheating can cause crashes too, check your temps, the more powerful gpu will put more strain on your cpu, and add extra heat inside your case. HWmonitor is good for monitoring temps, and records a max temp, so you can load up a game and play, then go out to hwmonitor and see what the max temp was during gaming. phenom x6 is still pretty decent cpu for most games, but there are still a lot of games that only use 2 cores that it may struggle with.
  2. Did you re-install the Video drivers after you replaced the Video Card? The rest of your system specs sound like they should be OK. I have a 1090t in my son's computer with a pair of 5770s, with a 750watt PS, and it still runs current games fine at 1080p. I'd be thinking 550w might be a bit small depending on how many fans, and spindles he has.
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