Dell inspiron 15R 5537 Wireless driver problems

So I bought my 15R recently and installed Win 7 64 bit and downloaded/installed all drivers perfectly fine except 1 thing, the wireless drivers wont install and keeps telling me failed to install.
I'm suppose to have 2 drivers:
1) Dell Wireless 1705 Wi-Fi + Bluetooth Driver (says installation failed)
2)Dell Wireless 1704 Wi-Fi + Bluetooth Driver ( stuck at enable wireless switch although i keep enabling it and nothing happens)
The thing is my laptop automatically installed a diffrent driver that made the wireless tap showing and working but its very unstable and rarely connects to any router and to make sure the problem is not from my router I connected from diffrent devices (phone, pc, other laptop) and all working fine, I even bought a usb wireless adapter to connect right now and its working.
so please anyone who got an idea how to install these 2 drivers please help me and here is a screen shot of my network drivers
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    just because there are two drivers does not mean you have to install both.

    over time Dell used different kind of wireless network cards in the R15; therefore, they are providing multiple drivers.

    your laptop will only need one of those drivers.

    it seems to me you will need an Intel driver.
  2. Hi mostafa,
    I have the same problem. Could you please tell me which driver did you end up installing for the system to work smoothly ?

    Sunil Jadhav
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