Will M5A97 R2.0 mobo ve good enough for phenom x4 965 be and r9 270?

Will this motherboard be good enough for my old phenom x4 965 be and r9 270 gpu ? does it have some problems like others (people are talking bad about this mobo on new egg comments). I like gygabyte products and im confused now. I have an old pc, its 8 years old, and still going with gygabyte mobo in it, there was a champagne spilled on it at the party, but its still going.So can i trust asus products like gygabyte?
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  1. The Asus is fine. Naturally, the 990FXA chipset would be slightly better for the high end Piledriver CPUs if you decide to upgrade, but the Phenom will be right at home in either board.
  2. and one question, witch will be better manufacturer of r9 270 gpu, this: , or this one: because they are at the same price, same specs, asus only gives adapter from dvi to vga and requires one 6 pin connector, when gygabyte requires two 6 pin connectors so witch to buy? and will my cpu won't bottleneck with this gpu?
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    The two cards are a tossup to me. I've owned both Asus cards and Gigabyte. No issues with either.
    The 150W R9-270 is a re-branded HD 7870 that is slightly under clocked. That's why they could get away with a single 6 pin connector, whereas the HD 7870 needed 2. If you want to OC the card, the Asus with its extra 75W 6 pin connector may give you more headroom.

    The Phenom II X4 965BE that I have in another machine is running @ 4 GHz with a R9-280 and no bottleneck with any of the games I have tested so far. I can push the 280 to 100% usage. So you will be fine with the 270.
  4. i was having this gpu and it worked fine for me, but r9 270 aka hd7870 has double specs of hd7770.
  5. sonyzz said:
    i was having this gpu and it worked fine for me, but r9 270 aka hd7870 has double specs of hd7770.

    Yes, the R9-270 will be a beneficial upgrade. Here's Tom's Hdwr's Graphics Card Hierarchy Chart. The author recommends a 3 tier or better jump to see a performance increase that will make it a worthwhile purchase. The move from the HD 7770 to the R9-270 fits the bill.,3107-7.html
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