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My current liquid cooling is dead and cpu's hitting 105* in Bio's (sigh), since i nvr did any kinda of maintenance on it(didnt noe i had to), and i would like to noe how to remove a sealed unit?
do either of these fit my motherboard's cpu

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  1. It says right in your links (under specs) that they fit a LGA 1156 socket. But I'm not sure what you are asking as per the 'removing sealed unit' comment. Unless it was a custom build h20 cooler and not a retail AIO, the pump, hoses, and radiator come off as a unit.
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    Yes, they both fit.

    To remove it, you'll have to unscrew the radiator and unscrew/lock the cpu cooling block. There will probably be a backing plate that will come off. You will then want to clean off any residue off of your cpu using rubbing alcohol before installing your new kit.
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