corsair cx600m good enough to power msi geforce gtx 970 4g gaming edition?

Hello, i have an corsair cx600m (600w)
my pc specs are
i7 2600 3.4 ghz
12gb of ram
gigabyte geforce gtx 670 windforce x2 (941ghz baseclock)

My question is if i would upgrade my gpu to an msi gtx 970 4g gaming edition
if my psu is powerfull enough for the gtx 970?
the msi geforce gtx 970 needs 500w min.

If you need more details you can ask me.
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  1. Yes it's enough wattage wise. But the quality of this PSU is not so good, and the next upgrade should be of PSU IMO. But right now, it'd suffice.
  2. You should be just fine. At load it only uses 280w.

    If you want to OC, you may need another PSU.
  3. ok thanks for the fast answers.
    and i'm not going to overclock it :)
  4. any idea where i should buy the Gtx 970? i live in belgium, but i can buy it online by visa ;)
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    A GeForce GTX 970 needs 28 amps on the 12v + rail and a 500 watt power supply.

    The CX600 has the PCIE connections needed.

    Since your not overclocking it has more than enough power on the 12v+ rail.

    It's not the best PSU quality wise , but plenty for your specs.
  6. I'm not from Europe so spare me if I'm wrong, can you get it from or or .it? I'm unaware of European sites.
  7. how about vs550 ? and asus gtx 970 only have 1x 8-pin ?
    sr for my bad english
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